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Western Power Sports

Highway 21

Highway 21 is a ten year old motorcycle apparel brand that prides themselves in being "enthusiasts of two wheels" and craftspeople that combine innovative technology with timeless style.


Creative Direction
Graphic Design
Social Media Management

The Problem:

The Objective:

The Solution:

Branding inconsistencies across catalog, web, product and marketing departments.

Build visual and written standards.

Present standards cross-departmentally.

The Approach:

Phase 01: Audit

Audit existing assets for familiarization.

Phase 04: Document

Document assets for consistency.

Phase 02: Research

Research market and possible directions.

Phase 05: Design

Develop campaign assets to present. 

Phase 03: Test

Test designs for scalability. 

Phase 06: Implement

Send assets to departments for dispersal.

Typography Solution:

While there was a consistent font used up to this point, it was outdated and often inconsistent across departments. As we worked toward a modern/craftsperson visual aesthetic, we ultimately replaced Big Noodle Titling as the sole font. We implemented Gin as the header type overall, Acumin Variable for technical writing, and implemented Impact Label for smaller body copy. The use of Impact Label, in the development of stylized assets, lives atop label maker style graphics to reference 80's punk rock posters and push the envelope in referencing the "hand-built" aesthetic.

Color Solution:

Being a motorcycle builder's brand, color was an area we needed to get creative with. We chose to pair  monochromatic grayscale colors with a sort of Sienna for colorful hits. We found this pairing helped paint the vintage look and feel we were after.