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Western Power Sports


GMAX, LLC was founded in 1999 by a group of riding enthusiasts dedicated to the development of high-quality helmets for the power sports industry. Since 1999, GMAX has become recognized by the industry as a premier high-value brand, has won several awards, and has built a robust distribution network comprised of hundreds of dealers across North America and other regions. 


Creative Direction
Identity System
Graphic Design

The Problem:

The Objective:

The Solution:

GMAX saw an unfortunate downturn over the recent years and looked to revitalize their position in the market.

Alongside a newly planned product launch for several new helmet styles, looks and some other products, a rebranding was in order.

The development of a brand refresh. Clearly defined brand standards incorporating typographical treatments, graphical relationships, color usage, photographic styling and voice.

The Approach:

Phase 01: Survey

Develop questionnaire around brand purpose, existing and target market, perceived challenges and expectations.

Phase 02: Test

Addressing these inconsistencies and breaks as a starting point, we then work back and forward to make sure assets hold true to the new system.

Phase 03: Document

As some solutions succumb to the proverbial chopping block, others emerge as successful components and make it into the standards.

Phase 04: Implement

After developing the successful components and standards my team set out designing packaging, ads and social awareness campaigns

Typography Solution:

Starting from a clean slate, we sought out typography that spoke to movement and relatable subtleties for the general public that are enthusiastic about getting out and enjoying power sports. After several iterations and presentations with stake holders, we landed on implementing Pirulen for our header type and Montserrat for our body copy. While Pirulen felt more dynamic, Montserrat kept large blocks of copy clean and readable across all foreseeable media.

Color Solution:

Our color goal was to be denote quality and be a resonate with families. A gentle Navy blue was chosen as the brands primary color. Alongside it, a smooth Crimson as the secondary for.additional compliments. To keep visuals separated from the competition we implemented muted variants to add variety.

Documenting and Implementing:

With the foundation of the system in place we set out documenting and implementing usages for a wide variety of needed applications.