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Public Art Gallery and Event

Freak Alley Gallery

The first personal artistic expression was laid on the ally walls between 8th and 9th, and Bannock and Idaho Street in 2001. While it started as an idea to elevate individual Artists, it's grown to be a mainstay attraction in Boise Idaho. This public art gallery grew to accommodate the works of over 300 Artists from around the globe and over 100 Artists in a given year during the Freak Alley Gallery Mural Event.


Creative Direction
Brand Strategy
Identity System
Graphic Design
Social Media Management

The Problem:

The Objective:

The Solution:

Inconsistencies in story, branding, voice, and vision. 

Building the gallery's brand from the ground up while creating and exposing cohesive story.

To build the brand's logistics, voice and standards while developing marketing strategies for growth.

The Approach:

Phase 01: Capture

Contacting individuals previously involved that had control of existing social and news articles and outlets to gain control over the story being told.

Phase 02: Brand Development

Develop the look, feel, and voice for brand positioning.

Phase 03: Brand Strategy

Decide how and where the brand would position themselves in an evolving industry.

Phase 04: Implement

Implementing cohesive story, visual assets and marketing strategies for best positioning.