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Apparel and Promotional

With the roots of the founders based in setting up for concerts, the name of this business was born under the fact that after every show worked, stage crew were given black tee shirts. The brand goal was to stretch beyond this and offer promotional items for all of a business' needs.


Creative Direction
Brand Strategy
Identity System
Graphic Design
Social Media Management

The Problem:

The Objective:

The Solution:

Utilizing inconsistent branding and no existing marketing efforts.

Building the brand from the ground up.

To build the brand's logistics, voice and standards, and develop marketing strategies for growth.

The Approach:

Phase 01: Research

Research current market on apparel and promotional item trends.

Phase 02: Brand Development

Develop the look, feel, and voice for brand positioning.

Phase 03: Brand Strategy

Decide how and where the brand would position themselves in the market.

Phase 04: Test/Document

Testing visual scalability and marketing strategies for best positioning.

Phase 05: Implement

Followed through with implementation of all creative and marketing pieces 

Typography Solution:

Typography choices for this brand were chosen for being bold, loud,  resonant and readable with its audience. 

Color Solution:

Color choice for this brand was dictated by the brand's name "BLACKtshirt". There was even a saying running around, "I'll wear black until they come out with a color that's darker." All that was left was the need for a color to compliment it.